AG Barr Delivers Speech On China Aiming To ‘Disgust’ CCP, Encourage Americans To Lessen Dependence

Delivering an address to the public about the U.S. policy on China, Attorney General William Barr emphasized that he hopes the communist leaders in Beijing view his remarks as “especially disgusting.”

Referring to FBI Director Chris Wray’s speech last week in which he warned of the CCP’s “nefarious and even illegal conduct,” Barr highlighted that China’s leaders reacted in disgust.

“Now, Chris Wray told me that shortly after his speech last week, one of the leaders of the Chinese communist party pronounced that his speech was particularly disgusting,” Barr said, announcing that he and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be working in the coming days to reevaluate the U.S. relationship with China.

He continued, “I told him that I was gonna aim today to be despicable, but I’ll settle for especially disgusting. But, no matter how the Chinese seek to characterize it, I do hope that my speech and Mike Pompeo’s speech will encourage the American people to reevaluate their relationship with China so long as it continues to be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Barr warned of the ‘economic blitzkrieg’ China’s currently engaged in as their communist leaders seek to rise to the top of the world economy and spread the ideas of socialism and communism, even seeking to export those ideas to the U.S., ridding it of capitalism and the American dream.”