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After Nearly 60 Days Of Portland Riots, Oregon’s Governor Finally Steps In



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Oregon Governor Kate Brown has agreed to address the violence in Portland that’s been ongoing for nearly 60 days by sending in State and local police, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf announced Wednesday.

“This is police that we have been asking for for the past 60 days,” Wolf told reporters on a phone conference Wednesday.

“This is the type of response that every other responsible city in the U.S. has with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal law enforcement. I am glad that Oregon and Portland are now deciding to be a responsible city,” he said.

Until now, federal law enforcement has defended federal property, specifically the Hatfield Courthouse, against violent criminals, opportunists, and anarchists, said Wolf.

The violence has taken place each day in the early morning hours, Wolf added, emphasizing that the violence he’s referring too isn’t coming from peaceful protestors demonstrating in Portland.

“While we have seen nonviolent protests in Portland every day, the violent activity that I have been referring to over the last several weeks and months is not associated with these protests,” Wolf said. ” I want to be clear about this fact. The Department is aware of the national dialogue taking place and will continue to support and defend every Americans’ right to exercise their first amendment.”

“Our federal officers have faced assaults of molotov cocktails, mortar-style commercial grade fireworks, accelerants, IEDs, and other violent weapons,” he added. “Since July 4th, we’ve made 94 arrests, we have had over 245 DHS law enforcement personnel injured. Those injuries range from minor to seriously injured, to include several who may have permanent eye damage.”

Wolf continued, “On 16 separate occasions, the Portland Police Bureau or FPS, Federal Protective Service have declared a riot or unlawful assembly. The violence in Portland is there. We have just shown pictures, we’ve shown the video. It is undeniable, the violence that is taking place in Portland.”

Wolf expressed the need for state and local leaders to enforce proper policing on the streets, saying federal officers will remain in Portland. As part of a joint plan between DHS and the Governor, State and local police will begin by securing the streets surrounding the Courthouse and working alongside FPS to ensure the protection of federal property.

“Federal Protective Service and U.S. Marshalls will continue to provide security inside the Courthouse, as they have done throughout the past several months. DHS law enforcement officers will remain in Portland.”

Until DHS can be “assured that the Courthouse and other federal facilities will no longer be attacked nightly and set afire,” they will not leave the area, Wolf explained and repeated several times.

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Hacking group operating out of Russia claims to have stolen Sony, PlayStations data and selling to highest bidder



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A group of hackers that is believed to be operating out of Russia has claimed it has successfully breached Sony’s security systems and stole data belonging to its customers. The group is threatening to sell the stolen information to the highest bidder.

The alleged breach was first reported by Australian site Cyber Security Connect  and although Sony has not confirmed the breach, it has said it is investigating the claims. ‘We are currently investigating the situation, and we have no further comment at this time,” Sony’s press release read. claimed on both the clear and dark nets ‘We have successfully compromissed [sic] all of sony systems,’ , as reported by Cyber Security Connect. ‘We won’t ransom them! We will sell the data. Due to Sony not wanting to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE,’ the group said in a statement.

The Daily Mail reports the Cyber Security report says that has posted a power point presentation online showing how the hacking was done, including screenshots of a login page and screenshots of files. The Cyber Security report says that threatened to post the information online on September 28 if it is not paid. The warning also gives Sony contact details for the group saying it is in possession of 6,000 files, which is described as ‘small’ compared to ‘all of Sony’s systems.’

The Daily Mail adds that the stolen data is reported to be in Japanese, and “In a bizarre element to the alleged hack is that has said that if payment isn’t received, it will be obligated to report the breach to the European Union’s data privacy body.”

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