Adam Schiff: Joe and Hunter Biden should not testify

“I’ve always felt that the best campaign was simply doing a good job and I don’t think that voters are gonna hold it against senators for taking the impeachment of the President of the United States seriously,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on “The View” Monday. “I think it is our duty to uphold the constitution.”

‘The View’ co-host Abby Huntsman asked Schiff if he or the Bidens would testify if subpoenaed by the Senate.

“Look, I’m not a fact witness so, other than mollifying the president, I’m not sure why the Senate would call me or Nancy Pelosi as a witness,” Schiff said. “There is not much light Joe Biden or Hunter Biden can shed on the president’s conduct.”

“Then why not have them show up, if you have nothing to hide?” pressured Abby Huntsman.

“It would convert the Senate trial into the same kind of sham proceeding that the president sought to have Ukraine undertake,” Schiff responded.