Acting Homeland Security Secretary Presents An ‘Exciting’ Plan To Combat Gangs, Cartels

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said he has an “exciting” plan for combatting the transnational criminal (TCO) gangs and drug cartels.

Further, Wolf signaled that he will need more resources than what has been afforded under the transnational criminal designation.

“So when we talk about TCOs, it’s not only them facilitating the flow of migrants to the border, it’s also drugs, weapons and a lot of the violence,” Wolf told Fox News.

“So targeting TCOs in a real way … is something that I will certainly push and work on from a DHS perspective, but we’ll also be working in the larger interagency to really start targeting these groups, because once you start eliminating their ability to bring migrants and the like, then I think you’ll start seeing a different dynamic,” said Wolf.

Wolf took over DHS as its Acting Director after Kevin McAleenan announced his resignation in October.

“I put in a very good man who’s highly respected, and he’s acting right now and we’ll see where that goes,” President Donald Trump told reporters following his announcement.

There is no indication as to if or when Wolf will be confirmed. In the meantime, he’s working to seize the bank accounts of the ruthless TCOs and cartels.

In her documentary released last year, Sara A. Carter urged the federal government to designate the Mexican drug cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs). If they don’t comply, she said, the U.S. government will allow the cartels to destroy American communities through their illicit narcotics trafficking and distribution operations that continue to fuel an opioid epidemic that’s killing nearly 130 Americans each day.

Earlier this year, Carter testified before the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee. There, Carter pointed to several states that the cartels have identified “as a potential marketing place to gain more and more addicts, infiltrate the school systems, make their money and bring it back to Mexico, and continue to perpetuate this horrific epidemic.” That kind of behavior, she said is characteristic of “a terrorist action.”