Academic ‘Fixes’ Sen. Cotton’s Op-Ed, Changes Headline To ‘Disband The Police’

After The New York Times published Senator Tom Cotton’s, R-AR, op-ed on Wednesday titled “Send In The Troops,” many in the mainstream media and the far left appeared to erupt in anger, including NYT reporters, who condemned the paper and said it made them uncomfortable. In his piece, Cotton advocated for the military to stop the violent protestors, and not the peaceful ones.

An academic, Dmitry Gorenburg, wrote of Cotton’s piece in The Daily Beast on Thursday, marking the entire article up with red ink and changing the headling to “Disband The Police.” Further, Gorenburg scrubbed out instances where rioters nearly killed police and called the police white supremacists.

One NYT Magazine reporter wrote on Twitter of Cotton’s piece, “I’ll probably get in trouble for this, but to not say something would be immoral. As a black woman, as a journalist, as an American, I am deeply ashamed that we ran this.”

The paper’s editors, however, are standing by their action to publish Cotton’s piece and wrote an entire column to explain why. James Bennet, the paper’s editorial editor, wrote in the op-ed that he, himself, didn’t agree with Cotton’s stance, but that the paper stands with free speech.

“We published Cotton’s argument in part because we’ve committed to Times readers to provide a debate on important questions like this,” Bennet wrote. “It would undermine the integrity and independence of The New York Times if we only published views that editors like me agreed with, and it would betray what I think of as our fundamental purpose — not to tell you what to think, but to help you think for yourself.”

“One of those concerns is that we legitimated Cotton’s point of view by publishing it in The Times. That’s a category of concern we’ve worried about often, particularly in cases when we’ve published pieces by terrorists with blood on their hands or authoritarian leaders with dissidents in jail. It’s never an easy call, and this is never a criticism to be ignored or dismissed lightly,” Bennet said, concluding, “But, in this case, I worry we’d be misleading our readers if we concluded that by ignoring Cotton’s argument we would diminish it.”

Cotton “commended” the NYT’s editors for running his piece “even if they disagreed with it” adding that they “stood up to the woke progressive mob in their own newsroom.”

Sen. Cotton’s office didn’t respond to this reporter’s request for a response to The Daily Beast piece. This story will be updated if one is received.