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70 Republican ‘Turncoats’ Post Anti-Trump Letter To Nation. They Subvert Democracy



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Turncoat: a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one.

They call themselves 70 Republican former national security officials. I call them turncoats.

On Thursday, as former Vice President Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for President these former senior national security officials – some whom I’ve interviewed in the past – posted their anti-President Donald Trump letter on a website touted as A Project For Defending Democracy.

We are former national security officials who served during the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and/or Donald Trump, or as Republican Members of Congress. We are profoundly concerned about the course of our nation under the leadership of Donald Trump. Through his actions and his rhetoric, Trump has demonstrated that he lacks the character and competence to lead this nation and has engaged in corrupt behavior that renders him unfit to serve as President.

In no way are these alleged Republicans defending Democracy. I can prove it. They are only defending the establishment and a swamp in Washington D.C. that has given them power, connections and wealth.

They say they are Republicans but don’t be fooled or lied to. The 2016 election by the American people of President Trump took them all by surprise. Trump’s instinct not to be manipulated by these pompous turncoats’ elitist actions has infuriated them. They’ve been able to get away with manipulating the system for their own personal benefit for decades and now under Trump, they can no longer do it. Nor can they pretend to be any different than their Democratic colleagues.

At least the Democrats let Americans know exactly what they stand for but not these turncoats. They hide behind the camouflage of the Republican Party but they are nothing more than modern day Benedict Arnolds.

More importantly, the election of 2016 exposed the real faces behind these alleged Republicans. They, and many like them in Washington D.C., will say openly that they hate Trump because they care about the sanctity of Democracy.

Remember, again, this is a lie.

If they cared about Democracy and the sanctity of it they would have stood up against the actions of officials in the previous Obama administration to remove a duly elected president from office. They would have demanded justice when members of their own community, like former CIA Director John Brennan, fired FBI Director James Comey, former DNI James Clapper, along with their cohorts, weaponized the intelligence and federal law enforcement communities to remove the president and spy on American citizens.

Still, they call themselves patriots? Patriots aren’t afraid to stand up for the people, put their lives on the line and sacrifice everything to keep the values and principles of our nation’s sacred Constitution safe.

Those 70 so-called Republicans who signed the letter, to include former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden, helped propagate programs in our government that have in essence trampled on civil liberties and the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans in the Constitution.

They don’t care about Democracy and they do not care about you. These turncoats only care about themselves.

These former national security officials are also the same liars that have been in government for decades behind the scenes manipulating the system to line their pockets and give their families a status that most Americans will never be allowed to achieve.

It’s a private bureaucratic club with special membership and President Trump’s policies have stood in the way of their desired goals. His policies and decisions run against the grain of what’s been happening in this swamp for decades. Trump’s actions – his disruption of their games – has exposed the ‘turncoats.’

Trump isn’t willing to play ball with these globalist bureaucrats and businesses. That is why for the first time in modern political American history we are witnessing such vitriol hatred of a U.S. President and the willingness of government officials to violate all the principals we hold sacred.

Let’s look at one statement in their letter against Trump:

Donald Trump has gravely damaged America’s role as a world leader. Trump has disgraced America’s global reputation and undermined our nation’s moral and diplomatic influence. He has called NATO “obsolete,” branded Europe a “foe,” mocked the leaders of America’s closest friends, and threatened to terminate longstanding US alliances. Other global leaders, friends and foes alike, view him as unreliable, unstable, and unworthy of respect.

Trump’s staunch policy on NATO is exactly what America needed. His actions produced the most significant changes in forcing the rest of the world to do their part since the rise of the Soviet Union and the Cold War with the United States.

Trump pushed the European members of “NATO set to spend approximately $130 billion more on their own defense in 2020 than they did in 2016. That still leaves a majority of NATO nations spending less than 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense—the figure that NATO members have pledged to allocate by 2024—but the achievement is still significant,” as stated in Foreign Policy magazine.

​Moreover, Trump has done more to hold China accountable than any president in the past 50 years. He has held the Chinese Communist Party’s feet to the fire and has demanded that they be held accountable for there unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft and overwhelming failure on human rights violations.

Where has Biden been on these issues? Where have these so-called Republican national security officials been on these issues? Crickets, nowhere.

In fact, Biden and his family, like many of these Republicans, have benefited from these corrupt foreign governments by lining their own pockets in deals that have taken jobs away from Americans, while making U.S. corporate leaders some wealthiest on the planet.

I will continue to address many of the other issues discussed in the turncoats letter in the upcoming days and weeks.

We cannot be fooled by these liars any longer. We have to stand up for our nation.

This is bigger than President Trump, it’s about you, the American people who put him in office. That’s what these turncoats are most angry about and that’s why they are working so hard to remove Trump from office.

They don’t want to teach Trump a lesson, they want to teach you a lesson. Don’t let them.

Unsilence yourselves and let them know that you are aware that they are nothing more than turncoats and that their bureaucratic malfeasance is ending.

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China Expands Charm Offensive in Southeast Asia to Squeeze out U.S.



China shutterstock 1376982239

Similar to what is happening in the Pacific, the US is facing a significant uphill battle to balance China’s rise in Southeast Asia. During the recent G20 and ASEAN summits in Indonesia and Cambodia, the Chinese Community Party (CCP) media upped its propaganda war against the United States over Southeast Asia. Outlets like Global Times and Xinhua claim that China’s interests in Southeast Asia are focused on mutual benefits, while the US is a malicious force in the region. The CCP press also claims that China is generously giving robust and purposeful aid to the Southeast Asian countries, while the US is neglecting them.

Claim #1: China’s Interest in Southeast Asia is Peaceful and Mutually Beneficial

China’s approach to Southeast Asia is benevolent and focused on mutual benefits, according to the CCP-run press. “China’s goal is to achieve a truly prosperous and peaceful ASEAN,” and “doesn’t interfere in ASEAN members’ internal affairs,” according to Global Times. “China focuses on pragmatic issues, such as promoting infrastructure construction, living standards, which are needed in those countries,” and “China is seeking a cooperative path toward common development,” according to another Global Times article. That same article quoted Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as stating that China and the ASEAN countries “are good neighbors who will always be there for each other…”

One country that is particularly thankful for growing Chinese influence, according to the CCP press, is Indonesia. Indonesians want China to “lead…the world to a more peaceful and prosperous future,” and view Chinese President Xi Jinping “with an apparent sense of affability and affection,” according to Global Times. Marzuki Alie, former speaker of the People’s Representative Council of Indonesia, praised China as “becom[ing] essential in improving global governance,” and that “the visionary concept of building a human community with a shared future proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping shows China is willing to work with other countries to create a peaceful and secure world with openness and inclusiveness,” according to Xinhua. And perhaps the most perplexing aspect of China’s “benevolence” in Indonesia is the “Peace Ark” – a hospital ship that has recently docked in Indonesia, but that is also a navy ship run by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), according to Global Times.

Malaysia has a favorable view of China as well, according to the CCP press. Koh King Kee, president of Center for New Inclusive Asia, a Malaysian think tank, stated that “China is the backbone of the global supply chain and acts as a ballast stone of the global economy in times of uncertainty,” according to Xinhua.

And in response to US concerns over rising Chinese influence in Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian dismisses the base as not targeting any third party, according to Global Times. Cambodia’s Minister of National Defense Tea Banh further claimed that the Chinese involvement in that base is benevolent, stating that the base helps Cambodia “in cooperating with friendly countries and help[ing to] maintain regional peace, stability and prosperity,” according to that same article.

Claim #2: The US’ Interest in Southeast Asia is Manipulative, Malevolent

In contrast to China’s benevolence, the United States “only wants [ASEAN] to serve as its pawn to counter China, and to fulfill its own hegemony goal, according to Global Times. At the G20 conference in Bali, the US takes a “hegemonic, unilateral and protectionist approach,” and “is preaching war and confrontation,” according to that same article.

The US and the West are merely using the G20 summit in Bali “to advance their own geopolitical agenda against Russia, therefore preventing the crucial meeting from tackling serious economic issues,” according to another Global Times article. “Such a geopolitical focus “will worsen this uncertain and unstable world,” according to Veronika S. Saraswati, China Study Unit Convener at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies Indonesia.

According to another Global Times article, the US is using ASEAN “to drive a wedge between China and Southeast Asian nations in the future,” is attempting to “rope in the region via political, security, and value-oriented agendas,” and is trying “to buy off” Southeast Asian countries “by pledging to spend certain amount[s] of money.”

Claim #3: China gives Robust, Targeted Aid to Southeast Asia

CCP media taunts the extensive aid that China is giving to Southeast Asian countries. China has pledged $1.5 billion in “development assistance” to ASEAN countries in November 2021, and Chinese-ASEAN trade was about $878 billion in 2021, according to Global Times. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang claims that of the 160 “cooperation initiatives” that China has suggested with the ASEAN countries in the previous 10 years, over 99.5 percent of them have been implemented, as reported by another Global Times article.

Li also stated that China is planning to build emergency storage for medical supplies and rise within the ASEAN Plus Three (China, Japan and South Korea) framework, according to Global Times.

Chinese state-run media is particularly touting China’s Belt and Road investments in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Laos. According to Global Times, the Jakarta-Bandung high speed railway will be operational in June 2023, and as a “flagship project of China-Indonesia cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative,” will be the first high speed train in Southeast Asia, according to Xinhua. China’s ambassador to Indonesia praised the project, claiming that the railway “will greatly reduce traffic jams, make travel more convenient for local people, improve local investment environment, boost businesses and tourism along the route, and accelerate the building of a high speed railway economic corridor.” The ambassador also mentioned that existing Belt and Road initiatives with Indonesia like the Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park and the PT Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry Park, “have generated tax incomes, job opportunities and foreign exchange earnings, and provided Indonesia with opportunities for greater participation in global industrial chains of stainless steel and new energy.”

Meanwhile, Global Times asserts that the China-Laos Railway has generated at least $1.7 billion in trade and has transported almost 10 million tons of goods.

Claim #4: US Investment Lags Behind China

On the other hand, the CCP media claims that the US is lagging far behind Chinese investments in Southeast Asia. President Biden’s newly announced “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” with the ASEAN countries “…looks more like a symbolic act. The US is playing the catch-up game with China,” according to Koh King Kee, president of a Malaysian think tank, according to Global Times.

US and ASEAN trade, at $441 million in 2021, was almost half that of Chinese investment for that same time, according to Global Times. President Biden pledged to ask Congress for $850 million in aid for electric vehicles and clean energy to ASEAN countries, but this amount is “symbolic” and a “mere ‘drop in the bucket’,” according to Global Times. In May, Biden “announced a $150 million development and security package” for the ASEAN countries according to that same article, which pales in comparison to the amounts in aid that China claims it is giving those same countries.

According to Global Times, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang mentioned that US investment in ASEAN is “a drop in the bucket if compared to US support for Ukraine” during the Biden administration, which Global Times claims is “over $18.9 billion in security assistance.”


CCP media is waging a charm offensive targeting Southeast Asia. While China is investing heavily in these countries, the US has yet to devise a credible counter to such influence.

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