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6 arrested after 4 swim around border wall: Border Patrol




Six people were arrested in Imperial Beach, California on Sunday after four of them—all undocumented—were caught swimming around the southern border wall, according to KYMA Yuma and other outlets.

U.S. Border Patrol said agents were patrolling the foggy coastline Sunday morning, according to the local news station, when they spotted four men walking along the beach while donning ripped wetsuits without equipment.

When they approached the men, they took off. The agents apprehended a 17-year-old, but the remaining three hopped into a GMC Acadia SUV.

Agents pulled the SUV over as they tried to escape the area and found the trio in wetsuits, plus a driver and passenger.

All five adults and the 17-year-old were taken to the Border Patrol station for processing. The driver and the passenger are charged with human smuggling and the vehicle was seized by Border Patrol.

“As a constant reminder to the public, if you see something out of the ordinary near the coast, don’t hesitate to call authorities,” Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke said, per a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol press release. “Attempting to swim around the border wall is very dangerous, especially in the thick fog that was present that morning, yet callous smugglers continue to guide people on this dangerous course.”

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Hacking group operating out of Russia claims to have stolen Sony, PlayStations data and selling to highest bidder



republican water hacking spy

A group of hackers that is believed to be operating out of Russia has claimed it has successfully breached Sony’s security systems and stole data belonging to its customers. The group is threatening to sell the stolen information to the highest bidder.

The alleged breach was first reported by Australian site Cyber Security Connect  and although Sony has not confirmed the breach, it has said it is investigating the claims. ‘We are currently investigating the situation, and we have no further comment at this time,” Sony’s press release read. claimed on both the clear and dark nets ‘We have successfully compromissed [sic] all of sony systems,’ , as reported by Cyber Security Connect. ‘We won’t ransom them! We will sell the data. Due to Sony not wanting to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE,’ the group said in a statement.

The Daily Mail reports the Cyber Security report says that has posted a power point presentation online showing how the hacking was done, including screenshots of a login page and screenshots of files. The Cyber Security report says that threatened to post the information online on September 28 if it is not paid. The warning also gives Sony contact details for the group saying it is in possession of 6,000 files, which is described as ‘small’ compared to ‘all of Sony’s systems.’

The Daily Mail adds that the stolen data is reported to be in Japanese, and “In a bizarre element to the alleged hack is that has said that if payment isn’t received, it will be obligated to report the breach to the European Union’s data privacy body.”

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