303 NYPD Police Cruisers Damaged by Rioters, $1 Million To Repair

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, the New York Police Department has had to repair hundreds of cars from damage inflicted by rioters across the city — 14 of the cars were set on fire and totaled.

With 14 totaled, seven are still being repaired, and the remaining cars have already been serviced and returned to the department. The repairs cost New York City taxpayers nearly $1 million.

Despite the violence towards police excallating, the NYC Comptroller urged Mayor Bill de Blasio To Cut Over $1B In NYPD Funding.

“Shootings were up 130% in the city for the month of June, according to the NYPD,” as reported by the Daily Caller.

The weeks of rioting have resulted in hundreds of cars being vandalized, burned, and smashed. The real losers in the situation seem to be the New York taxpayers.