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3 ‘unidentified’ objects shot down by U.S. in 3 days



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Breaking News occurred Friday when National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed during a press conference that President Joe Biden had given the nod for the United States military to shoot down an ‘unidentified object’ roughly the size of a car flying over Alaska.

News kept coming for two more consecutive days of the same scenario. On Saturday, U.S. forces shot another object down over Canada airspace. on Sunday, as if it were groundhogs day, the U.S. military shot down a third suspicious object over Lake Huron, Michigan.

Republican lawmakers expressed concern and frustration with the Biden administration over multiple media outlets.

ADN America reports of Friday’s unidentified object:

The U.S. military shot down an unidentified object flying over Alaska on Friday, less than a week after the government shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon that had been traveling across the continental U.S. 

The object, which was about the size of a small car, was shot down by an F-22 fighter jet using a Sidewinder missile off the coast of northeastern Alaska, according to the Pentagon’s chief spokesperson, U.S. Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder. 

On Saturday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted about his collaboration with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

The White House also issued a statement, saying, “Earlier today, President Biden spoke with Prime Minister Trudeau on the unidentified, unmanned object in North American air space. The object was closely tracked and monitored by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) over the last 24 hours and the president has been continually briefed by his national security team since the object was detected.”

On Sunday, “US military has decommissioned another ‘object’ over Lake Huron,” Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman (R) tweeted. “I appreciate the decisive action by our fighter pilots. The American people deserve far more answers than we have.”

Just The News Reports:

Before Sunday the United States downed three objects within a week that were believed to be surveillance balloons.

Officials said the object shot down Sunday in the Midwest appeared shaped like an octagon with strings hanging from it. It was shot down out of the abundance of caution to ensure no civilian aircraft were endangered, officials said.

“They informed me that an F-16 using an AIM-9 missile had shot down an octagonal structure over Lake Huron. The altitude was about 20,000 feet,” Bergman, R-Mich., said in a phone interview aired by Fox News.

Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky, also House Oversight chair, told ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday “China’s a problem, and this administration thus far hasn’t set a very good example of standing up to China…Shooting the balloon down in the Atlantic once it flew over all the military bases, including my own Fort Campbell, Kentucky, it’s very disturbing.”

Comer continued, “You know, Americans are outraged that China flew a balloon over the United States. Americans are outraged that China is trying to buy farmland. I think Americans would be outraged to know how much money the Biden family has taken in from China. And for what, we don’t exactly know. So this is something we’re concerned about.”

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that China knows America is weak, which is why it is sending balloons over the country at this time.

“They see, as well as sense weakness in America right now,” he said. “President Biden, he’s detached from reality. He’s delusional. … The fact that he doesn’t acknowledge that what is happening right now is alarming and puts our nation in peril is itself alarming. We don’t exactly have the A-team in place right now.”

Rep. Mike Turner, House Intelligence Committee chair, told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that he approves of the Biden administration’s downing of two suspicious balloons over the weekend.

“I would prefer them to be trigger-happy than to be permissive. But we’re going to have to see whether or not this is just the administration trying to change headlines. But what I think this shows, which is probably more important to our policy discussion here, is that we really have to declare that we’re going to defend our airspace,” Turner, an Ohio Republican, said.

He also criticized the Biden administration for not briefing lawmakers in person.

“This is particularly annoying about this administration. The Biden administration needs to stop briefing Congress through our television sets and actually come and sit down and brief us,” he said.

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Rejecting Détente Offer, China Throws Shade at Taiwan’s New President




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China’s propaganda machine has responded to Taiwan President Lai Ching-te’s inauguration address, which was conciliatory to the mainland, with belligerence. Rather than accepting Lai’s olive branch of détente based on mutual respect, China used Lai’s inauguration speech to slander the new president, claim that he does not have the mandate of his own people, and threaten to use force on the island.

China Slanders Taiwan’s New President

China reacted to Lai’s inauguration speech by slandering the new Taiwanese president. A Global Times article asserted that Lai “wants to deceive Taiwan residents,” and is “malicious.” Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, stated that Lai has “an extremely arrogant attitude and more radical views,” and that Lai’s inauguration speech was “[f]ull of hostility and provocation and made up of lies and deception,” according to another Global Times article. Similarly, Zhu Fenglian, another spokesperson for China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, called Lai’s actions “vile,” according to a third Global Times article. A China Daily editorial labelled him a “diehard separatist, ” while another China Daily editorial called Lai’s quest for Taiwan’s independence an “evil pursuit.”

China Claims Lai Doesn’t Speak for the People of Taiwan

Despite Lai winning Taiwan’s democratic election, China portrayed Lai as going against the will of his people. Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, called Lai is  “a traitor to mainstream public opinion on the island and a disruptor of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” according to Global Times. Zhu Fenglian, another spokesperson for China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, stated that “insightful individuals in Taiwan have expressed deep concern” about Lai, “reflecting the shared sentiments of the majority of Taiwan compatriots,” and that Lai’s colleagues in the DPP party are “in fact very insecure and fear that compatriots on both sides of the Straits will come closer together,” according to Global Times.

China Threatens to Use Force on Taiwan

China also responded to Lai’s inaugural speech by issuing threats and not-so-veiled threats to use force against Taiwan. One Global Times article stated that “Lai’s ‘Taiwan independence’ remarks are playing with fire, and those who play with fire will be bound to get themselves burned.” According to China Daily, the naval exercises conducted around Taiwan by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) from May 23-24 in response to Lai’s speech were “legitimate countermeasures” that send “a clear message that [the PLA] will prevent ‘Taiwan independence’ at all costs.” Another China Daily article stated that the Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun “…left no one in any doubt that should it prove necessary Beijing will not hesitate to use force to quash any bid to divide the nation. Calling the separatists’ pursuit of ‘independence’ an act of self-destruction, he stated unequivocally that ‘Whoever dares to sever Taiwan from China will be crushed.’”

Another Global Times article maintained that “[t]he actions of the Lai authorities will definitely invite lessons and countermeasures from the mainland” and that “[i]f Lai tries to escalate tensions in the coming years, the mainland will respond and use all available tools to make the Taiwan authorities pay a heavy price.” A third Global Times article, quoting “analysts” stated that “the pursuit of ‘Taiwan independence’ is a futile endeavor that will lead to detrimental and calamitous consequences for Taiwan island.”

Rather than accepting Lai’s reasonable offer to resume cordial relations based on mutual respect, China has chosen to ratchet up its propaganda attacks against the island. As China continues to beat the drums of war, will Taiwan hold the line?

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