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War on Drugs

$3 Million in meth disguised as onions seized at southern border



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In the war on drugs and combatting human trafficking, the creativity of criminals is becoming increasingly difficult for border patrol agents to navigate. In a recent seizure, K9 units at the Otay Mesa border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego found a stash of methamphetamines disguised as onions.

“This was not only a clever attempt to try and smuggle in narcotics, one I haven’t seen before, but also time consuming to wrap narcotics into these small packages, designed to look like onions,” said Sidney Aki, the Director of Field Operations in San Diego for US Customs and Border Protection.

“While we have certainly seen narcotics in produce before, it’s unusual for us to see this level of detail in the concealment,” said Aki.

The attempted smuggler was a 46-year-old citizen of Mexico. He was arrested before being handed over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

The New York Post reports, “the 1,197 packages of methamphetamines, packed among real onions in the back of a tractor-trailer, were shaped into small globes with a white covering, weighing 1,336 pounds and valued at $2.9 million.”

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  1. Stephane

    March 1, 2022 at 5:16 pm

    So, a LITTLE meth was sacrificed. Another 20 MILLIONS found their way in the country at another post!
    Relentless they are, because the drugs are requested!
    And the CIA, the FBI, are needing the cash to brake all laws concerning what the citizens are doing!
    GOTTA SPY on the People!

  2. MicMac69

    March 4, 2022 at 6:38 am

    If all this inventivity and creativity were used in a good sense instead of an evil one, if the hackers and those creating viruses infecting the Internet (and the humanity) were using their abilities in a positive way the world could be a better place. If narcos, hackers and other Faucis (add to my list Putin, the kipa-gang, the pedophiles, etc) were eliminated by death penalty the world could be a better place… But it is useless to mention the 46 yo mexican and say nothing about those being up and down stream.

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War on Drugs

Kilo of fentanyl found on children’s mats at Bronx daycare, 4 children overdosed, 1 year old boy dies



Fentanyl 1031234188 scaled

Two Bronx daycare employees have been charged by federal prosecutors after fentanyl was found on top of children’s mats. The drug findings were connected to the poisoning of at least four children, all younger than 3 years-old. Tragically, one of the children, a one year old boy, died.

The two adults were charged with narcotics possession with intent to distribute resulting in death and conspiracy to distribute narcotics resulting in death.”This case reflects every parent’s worst nightmare,” New York Police Department Commissioner Edward Caban said in a statement. “These alleged drug traffickers brazenly went about their illicit business in one of the most ill-conceived locations imaginable, but they will be held accountable.”

The Center Square reports:

Prosecutors alleged that over the summer, Mendez and Acevedo Brito and others conspired to distribute fentanyl, including at a children’s daycare center in the Bronx. The complaint alleges the two “maintained large quantities of fentanyl, including a kilogram of fentanyl stored on top of children’s playmats.”

On Sept. 15, four children, all younger than 3 years old, appear to have experienced the effects of poisoning from exposure to fentanyl.

Before Mendez called 911 to summon medical assistance for the children, she called another person, referred to as an unnamed co-conspirator in the complaint. That person came to the daycare, stayed for about two minutes and then left out a back alleyway carrying two shopping bags. This happened while the children were unresponsive.

“Tragedy doesn’t begin to describe the events that took place at Divino Niño Daycare,” said Special Agent in Charge Frank Tarentino III of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New York Field Division. “This death and drug poisonings are every parent’s worst nightmare and clearly define the danger fentanyl poses to every New Yorker.”

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