2020 Election: Let The Game of Unions Begin – IAFF Endorses Biden

The international association of firefighters (IAFF), the largest union in the country endorsed Joe Biden on Monday. The union represent about 316 thousand full time firefighters across the United States.

Brian Kilmeade reminded Harold Schaitberger, the President of IAFF, that many of those firefighters “some of whom I spoke with before this segment, are all in for President Trump, are you kicking their dues and putting in towards Joe Biden?” asked Kilmeade.

“Let me tell you about our union, we have a union that is a perfect reflection of the political landscape in this country. We have republicans, we have democrats, we have independents, we have conservatives, we have progressives. Our job as a union is to support the candidate that supports the issues that enhance their careers, their professions, their economic future, that’s our role. We don’t question their personal views,” continued Schaitberger. “But their union is focusing on the candidate that is going to deliver on the issues across their careers.”

“But are you using their money to support Joe Biden,” challenged Kilmeade.

“We are using the money of those that chose to contribute to our political PAC, we use on their behalf in the political arena,” finished Schaitberger.