100 % OPEN: Texas COVID cases, hospitalizations drop, despite Biden’s ‘Neanderthal’ comments

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas did it right. He reopened his state to 100 % despite President Joe Biden’s insulting comments that Abbott’s decision to do so was that of a ‘neanderthal.’

The COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are continuing to a downward trend nearly more than two weeks after the state ended its mask mandate. Businesses have also reopened to full capacity. 

For example, on Saturday, the latest data shows that Texas’ seven-day COVID positivity rate reached an all-time low of 5.27 per cent. Hospitalizations fell to their lowest level since October, states the data.

The state recorded 2,292 new coronavirus cases, about 500 fewer on average from last week, and 107 new deaths, according to the report.

Read the full report at The Texas Tribune and get the latest numbers.